[.c-title-2]Digital learning environment for [.c-red]privacy-conscious[.c-red] universities[.c-title-2]

Rocket.Chat provides secure hybrid and remote learning environments for higher education institutions, their partners, and other organizations. Over 700 schools and universities across the world use Rocket.Chat for secure campus communications.

Higher ed needs a digital and more secure learning environment


of provosts believe they will offer more online courses than before the pandemic


of higher ed institutions say hybrid was the preferred approach to teaching


the average cost of a ransomware attack against universities in 2020


of all data breaches in the past decade occurred in higher education

Enabling internal and external collaboration in higher education

The ultimate communications platform where teachers, students, researchers, and other stakeholders come together.

Shield your university’s digital environment

Shield your university’s digital environment

Rocket.Chat is an open-source collaboration platform that puts data privacy first. It offers on-premises deployment that helps universities take full ownership of their data and stay compliant with GDPR and FERPA.

[.c-title-4]Driving digital transformation in over [.c-red]700 schools and universities[.c-red][.c-title-4]

Over 700 universities across the world use Rocket.Chat to improve the hybrid learning experience and securely collaborate with internal and external stakeholders.
"Rocket.Chat was the solution to conduct our online academic events. It's been amazing, our community is very active and seems to love it! Thank you for your incredible work!"
Alexander Rush
Associate Professor at Cornell University

Helping universities drive and succeed in their digital transformation initiatives

DX in higher education makes learning more accessible to everyone. Technologies such as Rocket.Chat make education more interactive, customizable, efficient, and streamlined.

"We’ve integrated GitLab and Active Directory automation into a channel in Rocket.Chat"

“From a software design aspect we’ve integrated GitLab and Active Directory automation into a channel in Rocket.Chat. This allows those responsible to quickly get updates on changes in important repositories and status changes affected by automation. All without reading an email.”
Matthew Gill
System Administrator at Southeastern Louisiana University

Why privacy-conscious universities choose Rocket.Chat?

Privacy-conscious universities use Rocket.Chat because it offers on-prem deployment. Our Enterprise edition is built to make sure your university complies with the most rigorous regulations.
On-prem or cloud deployment options
LDAP/Active Directory integration
End-to-end encryption
Data sovereignty
ISO27001 and GDPR compliant configuration
Microservices infrastructure (high scalability and availability)
Designated 24x7 support and professional services

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