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The on-premise alternative to Skype for Business

Rocket.Chat offers fully integrated voice and video capabilities, can be hosted on your premises, and is the Skype for Business replacement you were looking for. Find out why companies like Audi Innovation and the Government of British Columbia choose Rocket.Chat.

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Looking for a Skype for Business replacement?

In 2021, Skype for Business was retired, and Microsoft Teams was announced as its official replacement.

This left companies that value data privacy and used the on-premises version of Skype with the question:

Is MS Teams really [.c-red]the best alternative[.c-red] to Skype for Business?

If you’re a privacy-conscious company, the answer is no.

MS Teams lacks on-premise hosting capabilities and mission-critical data security features, including E2E encryption and ISO 27001 certification.

To put it shortly: Skype for Business is no longer an option — and your new chat tool shouldn’t fall behind.

Here are 5 reasons why Rocket.Chat is the best choice if you’re leaving Skype for Business

You can deploy Rocket.Chat on your premises

Your data was yours before; your data will still be yours now. Rocket.Chat’s on-premise offerings can be hosted entirely behind your firewall or even on an air-gapped network.

Rocket.Chat offers fully integrated voice and video capabilities

With Rocket.Chat’s comprehensive set of native integrations, you can consolidate chat messages and video conferencing in your workspace.

Ultimate data privacy and sovereignty

E2E encryption, chat history, a HIPAA-ready software, and role-based access: Rocket.Chat has everything you need if you care about the privacy and security of your data.

Talk to anyone, anywhere — without leaving Rocket.Chat

Skype only lets you message people in other companies if they are also on Skype. Rocket.Chat lets you connect across platforms — so you can chat with people on Teams, Slack, or any other provider.

A marketplace full of apps and integrations at your fingertips

Integrate the tools you already use into Rocket.Chat or choose from over 150 apps available in our marketplace.

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Learn why security-conscious organizations choose Rocket.Chat

Still not convinced? No problem.

Here’s an in-depth feature comparison of Rocket.Chat vs Skype for Business.


Skype for Business

Open Source

Open source software

Full access to source code, server APIs, libraries, and influence on the roadmap

Talk with



Partners and vendors

Other companies

Team collaboration features

Teams and channels


File, image, and link sharing

Native video integration

Unlimited message history in every plan


Read receipts

White labeling

Unlimited users in every plan

Omnichannel features

Manual & Auto Chat Routing

Queue Management

Agent office hours configuration

Facebook Messenger,  Whatsapp, SMS, Email, Twitter Integrations

SMS & CRM Integration

Email Inbox

Analytics and Real-time monitoring dashboards

Chat tagging and forwarding


Native apps for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux


Native apps for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux

Here’s what customers who picked Rocket.Chat have to say.

"Pexip has become mission-critical for our organization. It has streamlined our meeting collaboration to a standard system and cut down on drive time exponentially."

Gray B
Video Services Manager

“Slack wasn’t a real alternative for us at that time, because it was SaaS. ”

“For data privacy concerns, we needed something that we could host ourselves. Rocket.Chat really speeds up the process of collaborating with our external partners, as well as internally. It allows us to share information really fast, very effectively, and in different ways.”
Stefan Teubner
IT Project Leader, Audi Business Innovation GmbH
Microsoft Teams
Skype for Business

Why privacy-conscious companies choose Rocket.Chat

Digital sovereignty
180+ advanced role-based permissions
Private network deployment (cloud, on-prem, or air-gapped)
Interoperability - Federation capabilities built on Matrix
Omnichannel citizen engagement (SMS, email, WhatApp, and other)
MIT Open Source license (all editions)
BITV 2.0 Compliance
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