What is business messaging? Benefits and examples [2024]

Sara Ana Cemazar
September 19, 2023
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As a form of communication, messaging has grown more important than ever for businesses.

With digital transformation well underway, instant messaging became a part of our work lives, not only private ones. Recent statistics paint a clear picture:

  • A whopping 67% of people prefer texting a business rather than making a call or sending an email.
  • Business messaging traffic experienced robust growth, recording a 9.4% year-over-year increase in 2020, culminating in 3.5 trillion messages exchanged globally.
business messaging

Why this shift, you’d wonder?

Speed and Efficiency: Consumers appreciate swift responses; business messaging caters to this, facilitating rapid and direct interactions.

Convenience: Messaging aligns with the current consumer behavior pattern, offering a comfortable and familiar platform for interaction.

Cost-effective: Adopting messaging channels, including SMS, can reduce support costs by up to 60% per customer interaction.

business messaging

However, at the crossroads of this explosive growth, lie challenges: ensuring data security, managing the increasing volume of contacts, and retaining the personal touch. 

In this blog, we’ll talk about the undeniable benefits and real-world applications of business messaging.

Business messaging defined

Business messaging is all about having real, two-way conversations with your customers using platforms they already use and love, like WhatsApp, SMS, or Facebook Messenger.

It's not just about sending out mass ads; it's about engaging your customers directly where they are most comfortable, encouraging open dialogue, and building a rapport. It's practical, it's personal, and it's precisely where your business needs to be.

Why it's great:

Benefits of business messaging

In 2024, businesses need smart and efficient communication channels. But that’s not all how business messaging can benefit businesses. 

Here are the tangible benefits of adopting business messaging tools:

1. Customer engagement

Engaging with customers becomes a breeze with business messaging. For instance, a clothing brand can notify customers about new collections or sales via WhatsApp, encouraging instant feedback and inquiries. This interaction builds a dynamic relationship between the brand and the customer. It makes the customers feel more involved and valued.

2. Higher customer satisfaction

The direct and instant nature of business messaging often leads to higher customer satisfaction. Suppose a customer has a query about a product; they can simply send a message through the business chatbox on the website and get a quick response. 

This ease of communication, where customers get rapid answers without the hassle of lengthy email exchanges or phone waits, naturally elevates their satisfaction levels.

business messaging statistics

3. Improving customers’ product knowledge

Business messaging can significantly help you improve your customers’ knowledge about your product. It also paves the way for seamless and highly personalized experiences. Imagine someone browsing a product on your website; now, you can instantly send them a message highlighting the must-know features or even a quick video demonstrating its perks.

4. Handling multiple conversations at once

Handling multiple conversations at once is a must in today’s fast-paced business environment. Imagine a customer service rep juggling chats from several customers at the same time, each at different stages of the buying process. 

One may have a query about a product feature, another might be asking about delivery times, while a third is ready to make a purchase. This multitasking not only speeds up response times but also increases efficiency significantly.

The most crucial business messaging channels

To hit the right note with your customers, you must reach them through their preferred communication channels. It’s not just about spreading the word; it's about engaging them where they naturally converse, share, and seek information. 

Here are the business messaging channels your business simply cannot afford to overlook in 2024:

1. WhatsApp

As the reigning champion of social messaging with over 2 billion global users, WhatsApp stands as a critical business messaging channel. Businesses can reach a diverse audience—there are almost 100 billion messages exchanged daily through WhatsApp.

For example, a small business could leverage WhatsApp to provide personalized experiences, sharing updates or answering queries promptly, essentially making business feel like a friendly conversation.

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2. SMS Texts

SMS texts hold a significant slice of the mobile business messages pie, constituting a whopping 98% of all mobile business messaging. Its enduring preference over other OTT services stems from impressive stats like a 99% open rate and the fact that most texts are read within three minutes. 

Businesses, especially e-commerce stores that saw an 18% surge in orders through SMS, continue to prefer this channel for marketing campaigns, where they enjoy higher click-through rates than emails. Picture a new restaurant leveraging SMS to send out promotional codes, enjoying both high open rates and fostering immediate engagement.

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3. In-app chat

In-app chat transforms how businesses connect with customers right where they are - in the app. It’s about real-time, direct conversations.

Got a question while exploring a feature? Just drop a message in the chat. Want a recommendation or facing a glitch? The chat is just a tap away. It assists in guiding, helping, and offering tips instantly without switching apps. These are just a few examples of in-app messaging.

From a business perspective, it’s a hotspot to boost sales, resolve queries promptly, and keep the user engaged, nurturing a richer and smoother customer experience, creating a friendly, always-available helper right in the app.

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4. Live chat

Live chat is a favorite for both businesses and customers, with 66% of consumers favoring it for contacting companies. The channel trumps voice calls, a preference seen in over half of consumers, by offering a text solution that is not only quick but can also cut support costs by up to 60%.

business messaging

Businesses use live chat to handle customer inquiries efficiently. Customers can quickly find what they're looking for or fix problems without getting stuck on a long phone call.

5. DM on SM channels

Direct Messaging (DM) on social media channels offers a familiar ground for customer-business interaction. Businesses can use popular tools like Facebook Messenger to offer support, share updates, or even market products in a more conversational manner.

Considering the widespread use of social media apps, a business using DM on these platforms meets customers where they spend considerable time, fostering natural and spontaneous interactions.

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Examples of business messaging

Business messaging offers a range of formats to connect with customers personally. From the first warm 'hello' to transaction alerts and interactive conversations, messaging caters to every step of the customer journey. 

In this section, let’s look at some practical examples and use cases that show the vital role of business messaging today.

Welcome message

Nothing says 'we value you' quite like a personalized welcome message. Imagine signing up for a newsletter and immediately receiving a warm, inviting message that gives you a sneak peek of what to expect. It could be a retail app greeting a new user with a friendly hello, followed by a tour of their services.

business messaging


Seize the moment to attract customers with time-sensitive promotions.

Imagine a furniture store sending out messages about a flash sale, with exclusive early access for loyal customers.

The recipients can swiftly respond to inquire further or to secure their favorite pieces before the general public, fostering a sense of exclusivity and urgency that can boost sales remarkably.


Consider a scenario where a fitness app sends out a motivational message encouraging users to stick to their workout schedule or a reminder to attend a booked class, instilling a sense of commitment and encouraging continuity. It's a proactive way to show customers that you're invested in enhancing their experience.

Shipping notifications

Take the uncertainty out of waiting for a package with real-time shipping notifications. Shipping notifications through business messaging can help build brand loyalty like nothing else.

Picture this: You bought a much-awaited gadget online. Now, instead of wondering when it will arrive, you receive timely updates on your phone. "Your order is packed and ready to ship," "Your order is on the way," "Your order will arrive today."

It's a simple, powerful way to build customer satisfaction and encourage repeat business.

Conversational message

It is essential for businesses to engage with customers and to make sure that the communication is not just one-sided.

For instance, think of a scenario where a brand sends out a message asking for feedback on a recently purchased product.

This is essential for all businesses to encourage customers to share their thoughts and experiences. It makes customers feel heard and valued.

One app to handle all your business messaging.

We know the pain of managing multiple chat platforms trying to serve your customers best.

That's why we developed a multi-faceted communication platform that helps you centralize communication from all the channels your business is active on.

The best part? It works even if you operate in a highly-regulated industry like Healthcare or Financial Services.

With added security layers, Rocket.Chat is one of the most secure messaging apps you can use for business messaging. With advanced customization options, it's built for businesses that require flexibility and security to offer exceptional customer service.

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Sara Ana Cemazar
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